Time Grove Share

TIME olive trees is planning on spreading its varieties in the USA thru partnerships with land owners like in the oil & gas industry. TIME will
(a) identify nurseries in the appropriate geographical locations to warehouse the trees from Novavine for local distribution & sale; and
(b) offer land owners/growers within a certain radius and with specific (soil, topo, water, other) criteria to plant its olive tree varieties on their properties thru franchise-like standards.

TIME will offer its trees, services and protocols at minimal cost to comfort the owner/grower that they will survive the climate:
If the trees don’t survive, TIME will take back all the trees and the owner/grower won’t owe anything;
If the trees do survive as expected, TIME gets paid for the trees a little more than if purchased from a nursery or can share in the contemplated business such as the olive or olive oil production or the licensed sale of grown trees.
The land owner/grower owns the trees from day 1 and can opt to pay for the trees without any further sharing obligations.

If you are interested in being a partner, please write us on partner@olivegrovepartners.com