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by | May 17th, 2011


Farid Rebeiz, an established entrepreneur residing in Austin, Texas, developed an interest in the olive oil industry of Lebanon, his mother country. Inspired by Nayla Moawad to help increase the socio-economic conditions in Lebanese mountain villages and keep families together, Rebeiz has leveraged his US relationships and business savvy to lead a collaborative effort, bridging the market gap between the US and Lebanese producers and manufactures of olive oil and other products.

Rebeiz, also the founder of Olive Grove Partners, created Corners of Time®, an online marketplace that offers consumers around the world an opportunity to taste, see, and try premium gift package merchandise without having to physically transport them home. “I’d like for people around the world to experience the bounty and flavor of the real Mediterranean Lebanon.” Rebeiz shared. Through sampling ‘corners’ at partner hotels, airports and other unique places, Corners of Time® provides a full sensory shopping experience with the ease and efficiency of web ordering and first class packaging and delivery. To discover the superb flavors of Lebanese olive oil and other delicious products, just visit


Recognizing the need for olive oil in the US, Rebeiz is focusing on olive oil production based on only the highest quality standards.

Working with well-known consultants and olive oil experts and many sample tastings, the team continues to collaborate across borders to insure that the unique quality and flavor of Lebanese olive oil will be available and affordable to the American consumers. After trial experiences in the state of Texas, Rebeiz learned that California might be the better region to cultivate Lebanese olive oil. Olive Grove Partners then began collaborating with Novavine, a leading nursery in California and Paul Vossen, a wellknown expert in olive oil.

Recent cuttings from Lebanese olive trees growing in regions hosting trees that are thousands of years old arrived in California. “His entire life has been planting seeds, from business ideas to charitable pursuits. He dares to do things others have not. Farid Rebeiz is just the man to bring the best of Lebanon to America.” said Moawad. The trees are currently being USDA quarantined at Novavine in California. In the near future, the marvelous flavor of Lebanese olive oil could be grown and pressed here on USA soil and sold through the Corners of Time® marketplace.


Holding ourselves to a higher standard in blending the best of traditional Mediterranean culture with modern American technology, we are introducing to the United States the Lebanese mother olive tree. We aim to serve consumers who care about their family’s health as well as social, cultural and ecological well-being. We commit to a gracious experience to all our customers, timely delivery, fair pricing and friendly professional service. Enrichment, comfort and dependability.