Our Children

In 2004 we decided to help the Mother country, Lebanon.
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The program we put in motion since 2005 is best described in our answer to USAid’s question:
What is the issue that the activity will address? Why is it critical to address this issue?
We answered:
Lebanon’s treasure is its nature, villages, agriculture and Mediterranean lifestyle. Its future can be a good partnership with the West, namely the USA. Lebanese growers can survive their current crisis with our 17-year ongoing plan to revive the agriculture in the mountains of Lebanon, the planting of the land with Lebanese olive trees, the picking of its olives, the production of olive oil and its sale to the US.

TIME olive trees replanting in the Mother country
Seek USAid’s assistance in building a propagation house and a greenhouse in Northern Lebanon to propagate 3 Lebanese varieties of olive trees from the Mother trees TIME olive tree will send from Novavine in Santa Rosa, California.
Seek USAid’s assistance to Lebanese growers to (a) plant these 3 varieties on their land and (b) produce & sell the olive oil back to TIME olive oil for a fair price
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Camp TIME Lebanese farmer to US farmer
Goal is the wholesale for $85 the 17L tankeh Leb farmer’s door to US farmer’s door in 3L BiBs
Seek USAid to fund the packing & shipping so the container’s cost is reduced to $30,000 for 8 pallets of 250 BiBs each
2,000 3L-BiBs @ $15 allows the US farmer to retail it for $30 and compete with the 3L EVOO Italian tin CostCo sells for $35
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TIME olive oil online retail
Sell online and distribute 3-3L BiBs from Sioufi, Beirut for logistics, storage, offices & distribution purposes
$50.00 all-inclusive wholesale to Lebanese in Lebanon and $100.00 retail to customers in the US
And donate 1 box from each sale to those in need in Lebanon
We are seeking USAid in the marketing of our efforts
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