First Ever Lebanese Olive Trees Enter United States

by | May 16th, 2011

Corners of Time® procures ancient Ayrouni olive trees for growth in California and helps to bridge the gap between the US market and Lebanese village farmers.

Monday, May 16, 2011 – Austin, TX – Corners of Time®, a gourmet Mediterranean online marketplace, announces a first of its kind collaboration between Lebanon and California. In order to insure top quality olive oil and olive oil based products for its customers, Corners of Time® has brought Lebanese olive tree cuttings into the United States. They are currently USDA quarantined at Novavine, an expert olive and grape nursery located in Sonoma County.

Four thousand years later, Corners of Time® is completing the 16th century BC mission of its Lebanese ancestors, those adventurous Phoenician sailors who spread the beloved Olive throughout the Greek isles, Italy, France and Spain. With much to celebrate, Corners of Time® will be hosting a weekend event in Santa Rosa, CA, to offer special guests an opportunity to see, taste, hear and talk about the exciting future for Lebanese olive trees grown in California and the collaborative efforts between Lebanese mountain villagers, California growers and Corners of Time Mediterranean marketplace.

Due to the renowned health benefits and dynamic flavorings, olive oil is a growing market in the U.S. yet today a vast majority of United States consumption is imported at dramatically varying levels of quality and freshness. Through collaborations of multiple resources including Olive Grove Partners, Novavine, the Lebanese Agricultural Research Institute, Time Olive Oil® and Corners of Time®, the treasured olive trees of Lebanon are now USDA quarantined, so that the superb freshness and flavor of Lebanese olive oil will be available domestically in the future. Consumers can sample the bounties of Lebanon via

“The production and marketing of high quality olive oil and premium wines are very similar,” said Professor Paul Vossen, an expert in olive grove processing and sensory analysis and also the panel leader of the UC Cooperative Extension Olive Oil Research. “Lebanon also has an historic olive oil industry that goes back thousands of years and with it the cultivation and production of some very interesting varieties.”

Through research and DNA testing, the Lebanese olive tree could be discovered as the ‘mother of all olive trees’ said Farid Rebeiz, Founder of Corners of Time®. “We are on our way to soon find out; stay tuned.”

“What better marriage than the birthplace of the olive, Lebanon, and California, who led the renaissance in American wine, and then artisanal cheese by building on respect for tradition and innovation,” said Dan Strongin, Owner of

Working with a team of specialists, Corners of Time® will create award-winning Lebanese- Californian olive oil blends and product extensions to offer consumers alternatives by way of their online marketplace. This will pave the ‘wave’ for Lebanese products to be easily accessible to U.S. consumers while offering Lebanese manufacturers and producers of goods a unique portal to market through sampling ‘corners’ at partner hotels, airports or any unique place around the world. This collaborative effort opens doors for more market growth opportunities for all in the future.

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