05.14.13 Event


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11:00a-3:00p Manouche & Wine; Corners of Time Presentation & Fundraiser

12:30p-12:45p Welcome by Gwen Dayton, Director of Communications, Olive Grove Partners

12:45p-12:50p Blessing by Sister Gertrude: Introduction by Farid Rebeiz, Principal Olive Grove Partners

1:00p-3:00p Presentation by Jay Jensen, CEO Novavine Of Santa Rosa, California

Q&A’s followed by informal chatting on subject with assembled expert guests

3:00p-3:45p Olive oil tasting by Corine Boutroux from le Domaine de L’Arbre Blanc in France

4:00p End of function at Pedernales Cellars

4:30p-6:00p Tree Planting at Clay Signor’s: 166 Livesay Lane, Stonewall, Texas 78624 (6 Miles)