Our vision is a growing investment in our community:
To plant olive groves for our children & grandchildren, like it has been done for generations

Our mission is to propagate our TIME brand olive trees:
Texas-Beladi Kfour, Texas-Beladi Douma, Texas-Ayrouni Nadim, and possibly others

Our plan is to identify, research, propagate and distribute in the USA the 6,000 year old Beladi
and other Mediterranean/Lebanese olive tree varieties we introduced in the USA
to departments of Agriculture, to high-quality olive oil producers, to landscapers, to nurseries
and to land owners who want to add value to their properties with the drought resistant olive tree.


UPDATE 07 DEC 2020:

UPDATES UNDER WAY Our ongoing TIME olive trees Research & Development has given us better data to share. We will take the time thru the end of this year 2020 for us to improve and better share our olive trees and Mediterranean lifestyle.

Around Christmas 2020 and to benefit Sister Ann’s mission with the Daughters of Charity, we are planning the release of the first 100 Texas Beladi Kfour olive trees with the Certificate of Authenticity of its DNA match with the Millenarian Beladi olive trees of the Village of Bechealeh. Gifted Root/Sister Ann’s Trees

Starting the Spring of 2021, we are planning to make CampTime  available for those in need and those with special needs in our community; and offer them a paid hands-on job experience in olive trees, agriculture and nature,

Phone: 512.789.1000
Email: info@texmedbrands.com


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TIME olive trees, TIME olive oil & Corners of TIME brands are owned by Olive Grove Partners, Ltd.